Spirit Airlines Lost and Found

Navigating Spirit Airlines’ Lost and Found Process for Missing Items

Losing personal possessions while traveling can quickly derail an otherwise smooth trip and leave you scrambling to retrieve your misplaced items. When flying Spirit Airlines, knowing their detailed Spirit Airlines Lost and Found policies and procedures can help recover your bags, phones, clothes or any other belongings left behind on the plane or in the airport. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain exactly how Spirit’s lost and found system works. The key information you need to provide, the timeframe for recovery, crucial items, fees , and top tips to increase the chances to get back your lost items. Having a roadmap of Spirit’s protocols can give you much-needed peace of mind if something goes missing during your travels.

Spirit Lost and Found policy

  • Report any items left on your Spirit Airlines flight, at the ticket counter, or at the gate by filling out the lost item form on Spirit’s website.
  • For belongings left in other areas of the airport outside of Spirit’s counters, contact the specific airport’s lost and found department directly.
  • You can also call Spirit’s Spanish language customer service line at(+1-866-609-1576 or +1 (855) 728-3555) to speak with a live agent about your missing items.
  • Spirit Airlines will search for lost items for approximately 30 days before considering them unclaimed. Be sure to file your lost item report as soon as possible.
  • Follow up frequently with Spirit during the 30 days to check on the status of your claim and provide any additional descriptive details to aid in recovering your lost belongings. Don’t wait 30 days to start the inquiry.

Initial Steps if You Lose an Item on Spirit Airlines

As soon as you realize an item is missing on the flight or at the airport, take these crucial first steps:
  • Notify your Spirit flight attendant or airport agent immediately. Time is of the essence.
  • Provide detailed descriptions of the lost items, including distinct characteristics.
  • Give your boarding pass or reservation information for tracing.
  • Request a lost and found reference number from Spirit Airlines (+1-866-609-1576 or +1 (855) 728-3555).
  • Ask about the next steps for retrieval from the specific airport.
  • Report loss to the airport and find office before leaving the airport.
You should inform the Spirit crew about your loss/damage the chances increase to get them/it back. Although anxieties run high at the moment, remain calm and focused on recapturing details that will aid the recovery.

How the Recovery Process Works with Spirit’s Lost and Found?

After receiving a notice, Spirit works through these channels to attempt to locate misplaced possessions:
  • Items left on board are gathered by flight attendants and logged.
  • Checked baggage misses are traced back through Spirit’s baggage system.
  • Airport agents search designated lost and found areas.
  • All recovered items are logged and stored at the destination airport.
  • Spirit’s lost and found staff uses claim details to match owners to found items.
  • Claimants must provide proof of ownership to claim items.
  • Items are shipped to owners unable to return to the airport.
  • Unclaimed items are donated or discarded after set days.
Spirit’s system focuses on reuniting lost objects with owners through detailed tracking and storage. But passengers must do their part by providing as much helpful information as possible when reporting misses.

Important Details Needed When Filing Lost and Found Claims

Provide the following documents to maximize the likelihood of getting your lost possessions back after filing a claim:
  • Your full name matching the reservation
  • Boarding pass information
  • Flight route, date and time
  • Exact descriptions of missing items
  • Bag tag numbers for checked luggage
  • Contact phone numbers and email
  • detailed account of when/where items went missing
  • Proof of ownership like receipts or photos
The more unique descriptors Spirit has to identify your items, the better. For expensive items like electronics and jewelry, recording serial numbers, having original receipts, and taking photos ahead of time can be extremely useful for confirming ownership.

Timeframe for Recovery of Lost Items on Spirit Flights

Spirit makes the following provisions for the storage and recovery of found items:
  • Onboard misses are generally delivered to lost and found within 24 hours of landing.
  • Checked baggage is expedited to passengers within 24 hours when possible.
  • Unclaimed items are held at destination airports for 30 days.
  • After 30 days Spirit donates unclaimed personal items to charity.
  • Unclaimed cash is held separately for up to 60 days before being transferred legally.

Lost and Found Fees

Spirit Airlines does not charge any fees for reporting a lost item or for retrieving it. However, if you choose to have the item shipped to your address, you will be responsible for the shipping charges. The cost of shipping will depend on the size and weight of the item and the distance.

Tips for Successfully Recovering Your Lost Items

Follow these top tips for the best chance of having your lost possessions successfully returned by Spirit’s diligent lost and found staff:
  • Firstly, don’t leave items unattended in airports. Additionally, report losses immediately.
  • First, take photos of luggage contents and valuable items.
  • Record baggage tag numbers before check-in.
  • Firstly, place contact info inside checked bags.
  • Additionally, attach bag tags, ID tags, and locks to key chains or purses.
  • Furthermore, avoid packing essentials you can’t travel without.
  • Double-check seat pockets before deplaning.
  • Additionally, request a lost and found reference number from Spirit.
  • Moreover, follow up frequently for status updates on claims.
  • Furthermore, provide as many identifying details as possible.
  • Lastly, bring proof of ownership to simplify retrieval.


Losing personal belongings while traveling can be a stressful and unpleasant experience. However, with a proper lost and found policy in place, airlines like Spirit Airlines strive to make the process of retrieving lost items as smooth as possible for their passengers. By reporting a lost item as soon as possible and providing detailed information, you can increase the chances of recovering your belongings. Additionally, it is always advisable to take precautions and be mindful of your belongings to avoid losing them in the first place.


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