Korean Air Seat Selection

Choosing Your Perfect Seat on Korean Air

Plane rides can be fun, relaxing, and productive, but sitting in an uncomfortable seat can ruin the whole experience. To avoid this problem, selecting the right seat on your upcoming Korean Air flight is crucial. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Korean Air seat selection, from the seat map and reservation system to practical tips for getting the best spot on the plane.

Types of Seats on Korean Air

Korean Air offers four kinds of seats, divided into four classes. Here is a brief introduction to each class and its corresponding seats:
  1. Economy Class: Economy Class seats provide enough legroom and pitch, averaging 31 to 34 inches. Long-distance flights may feature slimmer seats with adjustable footrests and neck cushions.
  2. Prestige Class (Premium Economy): These semi-private suites have a larger width, extra legroom, and fixed panels separating each seat. Prestige Class seats also come with enhanced meal options, more significant luggage allowances, and lounge access.
  3. Business Class: Korean Air’s Business Class is known as Kosmo Suites 2.0. These spacious and stylish pods come with direct aisle access, lie-flat beds, and luxurious blankets. Passengers can enjoy premium food, drinks, and personalized service.
  4. First Class: First-class seats are true havens for fliers. They offer fully flat beds, enormous amounts of personal space, and a la carte dining. The seats can also be turned into a completely horizontal position, letting you sleep soundly during long-haul flights.

Korean Air Seat Selection Timeline

For Korean Air flights, you can choose your seat for free during the following time frames:
  • Domestic flights: Until 24 hours before departure
  • International flights: Until 48 hours before departure
Free seat selection is available for everyone, including economy passengers. If you want to secure a particular seat sooner, though, you can pay a fee and select your seat at any time after booking.

Seat Selection Fees

Seat selection fees are applicable on long-haul international and transpacific flights for advance selection of preferred economy class seats. Prices depend on seat type, flight segment, and booking class:
  • Standard Seats – $10-$50
  • Extra Legroom Seats – $50-$150
  • Twin Seats – $70 per passenger
No fees apply for pre-selecting regular economy seats on regional flights or premium cabins on the long haul.

Steps to Reserve Seats on Korean Air

Through the Korean Air Website To reserve your seat via the Korean Air website, follow these steps:
  • Log in to your Korean Air account or create one if you haven’t already.
  • Look for “Manage My Booking” or something similar and click on it.
  • Input your booking reference number and last name.
  • Select the flight for which you want to choose a seat.
  • Pick your desired seat from the interactive seat map.
At the Check-In Counter Alternatively, you can visit the Korean Air check-in counter at the airport and ask the staff to assign your preferred seats. Through the Korean Air Mobile App You can also use the Korean Air mobile app to select your seat:
  • Install and launch the Korean Air app.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Open your reservation and tap “Seat Selection.
  • Choose your desired seat from the seat map.

Helpful Tips for Selecting the Best Seats on Korean Air

  • Window vs. Aisle: Window seats are recommended for solo travelers because they offer privacy and scenic views. Meanwhile, aisle seats are better for tall or heavyset individuals and families with young kids.
  • Bulkheads: Bulkhead seats usually have more legroom. However, the tray tables may be tucked away in armrests instead of being attached to the back of the chair in front of you.
  • Exit Row Seats: Exit row seats provide lots of legroom, but they may not recline or have immovable armrests.
  • Avoid Middle Seats: Whenever possible, try to avoid middle seats, especially on long-haul flights.
  • Family Seating: Families with infants or young children should choose adjacent seats for easy supervision and interaction during the flight.

Fees for Seat Selection on Korean Air

Korean Air charges seat selection fees for economy and premium economy classes, although the exact amount depends on the route and aircraft type. Generally, fees range from $10 to $30 for economy seats and $15 to $40 for premium economy seats. Business and first-class passengers can choose their seats for free at any time.

Policies Related to Korean Air Seat Selection

  • Minimum Age Requirement: Children aged 2 or older must have their seat. Babies under 2 can sit on a parent’s lap, but a baby basket or child restraint device is required during takeoff and landing.
  • Child and Infant Seating Policies: Parents should request bassinet locations during booking, as supply is limited. Baby baskets fit babies up to 25 pounds and attach to bulkhead walls. If approved by Korean Air, bringing a car seat aboard is permitted.
  • Pet Accommodation: Depending on their size and weight limitations, small pets can travel in the cabin or cargo hold. Owners should inform Korean Air during booking to ensure pet-friendly seating.
  • Seat Configuration Changes: Korean Air retains the right to modify seat configurations, install new seats, or remove certain amenities to enhance operational efficiency or guest experience.


Can I select my seat when booking a connecting flight?

Yes, you can select your seat for each segment of your connecting flight.

Do I need to pay for seat assignments on award tickets?

No, seat assignments are free for award tickets.

Can I change my seat after the 48-hour seat selection window closes?

Yes, but changing your seat after the cutoff may incur a fee.

Will I lose my seat assignment if I change my flight?

Seat assignments may change when modifying a flight. However, Korean Air tries to preserve original seat selections when possible.


Korean Air offers a seamless seat selection process with options to pre-book preferred seats for a fee or get complimentary seats during check-in. Carefully choosing your seat can make a big difference to your in-flight experience. Consider your preferences, flight duration, and cabin layout to select the most suitable seat in advance or at the airport.


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