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How to Hold Delta Airlines Flights?

Have you ever wanted to secure a great deal on a Delta Airlines flight but were hesitant because you weren’t completely sure about your travel plans? Or perhaps you discovered an amazing promotion but couldn’t decide immediately if you wanted to buy? Don’t worry; Delta Airlines understands that travelers need some flexibility when planning their trips. That’s why they offer a feature called “hold my ticket” or “ticket hold.” This helpful tool lets you save a specific flight itinerary for a short period, giving you time to think things over without worrying about losing the fare. Let me walk you through the process of putting a Delta Hold Flight.

What Does It Mean to Put a Flight on Hold?

Putting a flight on hold means setting aside a particular itinerary for a limited time. During this window, the fare stays the same, and the seat remains reserved for you. Think of it as placing a dibs mark on the flight you desire without having to pay the full price upfront. This feature comes in handy when you’re comparing different flights or waiting for loved ones to confirm their travel plans.

Understanding Delta Airlines’ Hold Policy

Here are the key details on Delta’s flight reservation hold policy:
  • Hold Fee Delta charges a hold fee, usually $49 per person, to hold a flight reservation for 3-7 days. This fee is non-refundable if you cancel the hold.
  • How to Hold – You can put a hold on a flight on by selecting the flight and clicking “Hold Flight.” You’ll need to pay the hold fee when you place the hold.
  • Hold Duration – Domestic flights can be held for 3 days and international flights for 7 days before a ticket purchase is required.
  • Completing Ticketing – To complete ticketing on the held flight, you must call Delta Reservations and provide the PNR confirmation number received when you first placed the hold.
  • Hold Cancellation – If you do not complete ticketing during the 3-7 day hold period, the hold will auto-cancel and your hold fee will be forfeited.
  • Multiple Holds – You can hold multiple flights at once by placing a separate hold on each flight. Note each PNR.
  • Benefits – Holds lock in the quoted fare and confirm flight availability while you finalize travel plans.

How Do I Hold a Flight on Delta?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to hold a flight on Delta:
  1. Go to and search for the flight you want to put on hold. Then, Select the flight and click “Hold Flight” on the booking page.
  2. You will need to pay a fee to hold the flight, usually $49 per person. Enter your payment information and submit.
  3. Your selected flight will now be on hold for 3-7 days, depending on your departure date. You will receive a PNR confirmation number.
  4. To complete booking the held flight, call Delta Reservations and provide the PNR. The agent will be able to book the flight using the hold.
  5. If you do not call to ticket the flight before the hold expires, the hold will automatically cancel and your hold fee will be forfeited.
  6. You can hold multiple flights at once if needed. Make sure to note each unique PNR number.
  7. Holds allow you time to finalize plans without the risk of fare increases or the flight selling out.

Need Assistance for Contacting Delta Customer Service

Here are the details for contacting Delta customer service:

Via Phone:

  • For Delta Airlines reservations, call 1-800-221-1212 or +1-866-609-1576.
  • For SkyMiles, call 1-800-323-2323.
  • For international, call 1-404-209-3434 or +1-866-609-1576.
The Delta Reservations Phone Number is a 24/7 service that can help with booking, changing, or canceling flights. The SkyMiles team can assist with questions about your frequent flyer account and mileage redemption.

Additionally, you can reach Delta customer service through:

  • Live chat on
  • Messaging via the Fly Delta app
  • Tweeting @DeltaSupport for assistance
When you call or contact Delta, make sure to have your confirmation code or ticket number handy to reference your trip details. The customer service team is available around the clock to assist travelers before, during, and after flights.

Key Features of Delta Airlines’ Ticket Holds

  • Freeze Price Points: Temporarily secured flight segments retain their quoted rates, shielding customers from sudden fluctuations during deliberation periods.
  • Extendable Tenure: Initial hold durations range from one to seven days, contingent upon route popularity and demand patterns. Customers may opt to extend coverage for an incremental fee, safeguarding their investment further.
  • Multi-Segment Protection: Modern hold protocols cater to complex itineraries comprising multiple legs, affording blanket protection across entire journeys.
  • Full Refundability: Should customers elect not to proceed with confirmed bookings, released seats revert to general inventories, meriting full refunds of any fees paid.
  • Straightforward Release Mechanisms: Once resolved, releasing held tickets transpires instantaneously, returning locked-down capacities to open markets for immediate sale.


How do I hold a flight on Delta?

You can hold a Delta flight reservation by selecting the “Hold Flight” option when booking on Additionally, There is a non-refundable hold fee, usually $49 per ticket. Held flights must be ticketed within 3 days (domestic) or 7 days (international).

What is Delta’s FareLock option?

Delta’s FareLock allows you to hold a fare for up to 7 days by paying a fee starting at $59 per ticket. This locks in the price even if fares rise during that time. You’ll be issued a PNR to reference when booking later.

Can I hold a ticket without paying Delta’s hold fee?

No, Delta requires a non-refundable hold fee to place a ticket on hold or lock in a fare. The hold fee is $49 per ticket for regular holds and $59+ for FareLock holds. This secures the reservation during your hold period.

What is Delta’s FareLock and how does it differ from a regular hold?

FareLock guarantees your fare won’t increase for 7 days. It costs more ($59+) but ensures your fare is locked in even if prices rise. A regular hold just reserves flight inventory temporarily for a lower fee.


Holding flight tickets on Delta Airlines empowers travelers to explore diverse possibilities while hedging bets against volatility. By mastering fundamental principles underlying ticket holds and employing innovative tactics, jetsetters amplify returns on investments, realize substantial efficiencies, and minimize waste. Above all, cultivate discipline around protective measures, immunizing fragile allocations from unintentional mishandling or unpredictable turbulence looming ahead. Through careful preparation and thoughtful deliberation, elevate flying experiences above mere transportation, converting ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures.


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