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Getting the Most Out of Frontier Airlines for Group Travel

Planning a group getaway for family, friends, or an organization? Frontier Airlines offers affordable fares and flexible group booking options perfect for your next group vacation or event travel. Taking a large group travel by air has unique needs and considerations compared to individual bookings. This guide will walk through planning and optimizing group trips with Frontier Airlines Group Travel to make coordination and flying hassle-free.

Understanding Airlines Group Booking

Booking air travel for large gatherings like family vacations, school trips, or events can be complicated. That’s why Frontier Airlines offers a dedicated group booking hotline at +1866–863–7444 or +1 866-609-1576 to streamline reservations for 10+ passengers. This specialized number provides a one-stop shop to arrange flights for big parties easily. Calling the Frontier group booking line connects organizers directly to agents who assist with every aspect of coordinating group air travel. Exclusive discounts, customized services and personalized help simplify the planning process. Groups get bundled itinerary management, reserved seating, special check-in, add-on packages and other perks not available on individual bookings. With a single point of contact at Frontier, big parties can avoid hassles and ensure everyone in the group flies together seamlessly. The specialized assistance makes arranging hassle-free group getaways quick and convenient.

Frontier Airlines Group Booking Process

  • Contact the dedicated group booking line at +1866–863–7444 or +1 866-609-1576 for 10+ passengers.
  • Provide details on group size, origin/destination, travel dates
  • Groups of 10-19 get 5% off airfare, 20+ get 10-20% discounts
  • Link all group reservations together under one record
  • Submit passenger manifest with traveler details
  • Pre-purchase checked bags, seats, early boarding discounts
  • Reserve group seat blocks starting 120 hours pre-flight
  • Simplified group check-in with manifest
  • Add-ons and fees apply to all reservations when booked
  • The primary contact person handles payment and group coordination
  • Adjustments allowed up to 72 hours before departure
  • Special amenities and assistance for groups upon request

Benefits of Booking for Group Travel

Frontier gives groups of 10+ travelers the ability to bundle reservations together to simplify management and unlock perks not available on individual bookings. Reasons to bundle group travel together include:
  • Simplified payment and coordination when reservations are linked together in one place
  • Group fare discounts and promos are not accessible on individual bookings
  • Ensuring everyone gets booked on the same flights together
  • Reserved seat blocks so the group sits together
  • Check-in and preboarding for groups to speed through the airport
  • Baggage and other add-ons can be pre-purchased for the entire group
  • Flexibility to adjust group size and traveler names as needed
  • One point of contact at Frontier for group requests and assistance
With a group booking, Frontier will work to meet special accommodation needs like pre-assigned seating, adjoining rooms for multi-room hotel bookings, or even arranging ground transportation.

Qualifying for Group Discounts

Frontier offers tiered discounts off airfare based on group size:
  • 10-19 travelers get 5% off
  • 20-49 travelers get 10% off
  • 50-99 travelers get 15% off
  • 100+ travelers get the max discount of 20% off
These savings apply to airfare only, not add-ons, fees, or partner services. The discounts automatically apply when meeting the minimum size thresholds in a single reservation. All travelers must be booked on the same flights in both directions. Group fares are available across Frontier’s network, though blackout dates can apply during ultra-peak times. The airline may release special group promo codes offering even deeper discounts seasonally.

How can I cancel a Frontier Airlines group booking?

Frontier Airlines has many options to cancel a group reservation. Passengers can cancel their bookings using a website, mobile app, live chat, or by phoning customer care. Here are the actions that travelers should take:

Online Cancellation Process:

  1. Visit Frontier Airlines’ official website or launch the mobile application.
  2. Sign in to your account and provide booking information.
  3. Next, go to my reservations and choose the one you wish to cancel.
  4. Moreover, confirmation of cancellation.
  5. Pay the cancellation charge, if applicable, on the next page.
  6. Get confirmation of cancellation.

Offline Cancellation Process:

  1. Call Frontier Airlines’ customer support hotline.
  2. Pay careful attention to the IVR directions.
  3. Next, tap a key to select a language.
  4. Hit the key to choose the worry.
  5. Moreover, an airline representative will link you.
  6. Request for cancellation.
  7. Next, collaborate with the agent and submit the relevant information.
  8. Same, confirm cancellations.
  9. Obtain confirmation by email or text.

Terms and Conditions for Frontier Airlines Group Flight Booking

  • Number of passengers: The first and most crucial thing you should know about group booking is that there should be at least ten passengers on each trip.
  • Fare: The fare would be the same for all passengers traveling together. You will not receive a discount on a single ticket utilizing any miles.
  • Name change: After reserving a ticket with Frontier Airlines, you can alter the names.
  • Deposits: Frontier Airlines requires a modest payment on your ticket if you book your group trip in advance.
  • Flight type: For group travel, you may only book direct or nonstop flights.
  • Acceptance charge: Each traveler must pay a $5 charge upon acceptance.

Maximizing the Group Experience

To make a group trip easy, seamless, and enjoyable:
  • Book early together to optimize flight schedules, discounts, and seat selection
  • Link all bookings under one reservation record
  • Submit passenger details/manifest for simplified airport processing
  • Reserve seats in a block to guarantee adjoining space
  • Add bags, boarding, and meals for the full group in advance
  • Arrive early for smooth group check-in and pre-boarding
  • Keep group communications streamlined through the primary contact
  • Leverage mobile alerts and check-in links to stay organized
  • Take advantage of any special group amenities, assistance
Frontier dedicated group booking services simplify air travel arrangements for large parties. The airline provides customized assistance, discounted group fares, block seating, and other perks to optimize the group experience. By leveraging Frontier’s specialized group booking support, trip organizers can avoid hassles and ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey for all travelers. The personalized attention offered through the group booking number aims to make coordinating any type of group trip from family vacations to corporate events convenient and memorable. For a streamlined process of booking air travel for big gatherings, utilize the tailored amenities and assistance of Frontier Airlines Group Travel.


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