Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Strategy

Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national flag carrier, offers a vast array of services and amenities to create a pleasant and convenient flying experience for its passengers. One aspect of paramount importance revolves around seat selection the capability to choose and reserve favored positions onboard the aircraft. This feature considerably influences passenger contentment, productivity, and overall satisfaction. This article explores Turkish Airlines seat selection policy, shedding light on the nuances influencing the practice.

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Basis

Turkish Airlines employs a stratified approach to seat selection, factoring in variables such as fare category, route, aircraft type, timeframe, and consumer demand. This multidimensional framework aims to strike an equilibrium among competing interests while generating revenue streams.

Advance Turkish Airlines Seat Selection

Subject to availability, Turkish Airlines grants passengers the option to reserve preferred seats during the booking process or afterward by managing their reservation via the airline’s website or mobile application. Several fare classes incorporate complimentary advance seat selection, whereas others necessitate remuneration.

Premium Cabins

Passengers procuring business or elite economy class fares commonly delight in complimentary advanced seating allocations. Additional costs are unwarranted since these elevated tiers inherently encapsulate superior creature comforts and exclusive conveniences. Occasionally, airlines liberate unsold premium cabin seats at reduced rates for regular economy passengers desiring upgrades.

Extra Legroom Seats

Many operators introduce extra legroom seats positioned near bulkheads or emergency exists for enhanced passenger relief. Associated tariffs vacillate, mirroring prevailing influences like route difficulty, aircraft capacity, and prevalent demand. Usual levies oscillate between $10 and $150 per leg.

Large Group Bookings

Organizing travel logistics for extensive gatherings or familial cohorts frequently proves cumbersome, given space limitations and operational complexities. Although Turkish Airlines advocates for punctual bookings to bolster adjacency prospects, absolute guarantees remain elusive. Contemplating alternative configurations becomes prudent when confronted with diminutive odds.

Alterations & Cancellations

  • Modifying or annulling already reserved seats regularly invokes revised assessments of corresponding fees. Generally, distant deadlines engender negligible consequences, contrasting starkly with escalating expenses linked to tardy adjustments.
  • Exceptional Circumstances Industry shifts, heightened rivalries, legislative alterations, or corporate strategies perpetually instigate refinements to Turkish Airlines seat selection protocol. Henceforth, consistent vigilance remains imperative to circumvent obsolete information and maintain awareness.

How can I reserve a seat on a Turkish Airlines flight?

  • Book early: Seats with extra legroom or in preferred locations (like aisles and windows) tend to get booked up first. Reserve your seat as soon as you book your flight.
  • Use the airline’s Contact Number: You can dial +1-866-609-1576 or +1 (800) 874-8875 this is the easiest way to view seat maps and select your preferred seat. You can create a login and manage your reservations.
  • Consider your cabin class: If flying business class, you’ll likely have a seat assignment included. In economy, you can pay a fee to reserve a seat or get one assigned for free at check-in if available.
  • Choose your seat preferences: Do you want a window? An aisle? Extra legroom? Near the front? Be sure to check the seat map to find a seat that matches your preferences.
  • Pay to reserve a better economy seat: Fees are usually around $20-60 one-way. This guarantees you get the exact seat you want.
  • Utilize elite status perks: Frequent flyer program status may let you get a preferred seat for free.
  • Ask about seat changes at check-in: If your preferred seats are taken, politely ask at the airport if any better seats are available.
  • Use expert flight tips: Resources like SeatGuru help identify the best and worst seats on a specific aircraft.
  • Families should reserve time together early: Seats tend to fill up quickly, so families should reserve seats in the same row right away.


Can I choose my seat when flying with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers seat selection options for passengers. You can select your preferred seat during the booking process or manage your booking later via the Turkish Airlines website or mobile app. Certain fare classes provide complimentary advance seat selection, while others may carry a nominal fee.

Is seat selection free of charge on Turkish Airlines?

While some fare categories offer complimentary advanced seat assignment, standard economy class tickets usually involve a small seat selection fee. Prices vary depending on the route, aircraft type, and demand. More expensive fare classes generally come with inclusive seat selection benefits.

What is Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy in 2022?

Turkish Airlines allows cancellations in accordance with the fare rules attached to the ticket. Generally speaking, refundability depends on the ticket type. Non-refundable tickets typically aren’t eligible for cash returns but can be reused as a credit against future Turkish Airlines purchases. Refundable tickets permit partial or full monetary compensation, subject to deductible penalties. Changes to existing reservations attract modification fees unless waived due to extenuating circumstances, such as illness or bereavement. Always consult the latest version of Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy on their official website.

How much does Turkish Airlines charge for seat selection?

Turkish Airlines imposes variable fees for seat selection, contingent on factors such as route distance, aircraft configuration, and time remaining before departure. Economy Class passengers can anticipate spending roughly $10-$50 per sector for choosing their seats ahead of time. Business Class passengers typically enjoy complimentary advanced seating allocation. To obtain an exact quote, please refer to the ‘Manage Your Booking’ function on the Turkish Airlines website after logging in with your reservation details.


Understanding Turkish Airlines seat selection policy underscores the significance of carefully deliberated approaches to yield favorable outcomes. By acknowledging salient facets impacting decision-making, astute managers unlock hidden efficiencies and synergies, ultimately translating into thriving ventures. Maintaining vigilance against external stimuli ensures continued relevancy and viability, cementing reputations as vanguards of excellence.


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