Latam Change Flight

Changing Your Flight? Know LATAM’s Policies

LATAM Airlines, South America’s leading carrier, offers flexible flight change policies to accommodate passengers experiencing unforeseen circumstances or wishing to adjust their travel plans. With operations spanning numerous countries and routes, LATAM understands the importance of providing customers with convenient options for modifying their reservations. Here is an overview of Latam Change Flight.

  • Flight Change Basics: LATAM enables passengers to change their flight dates, times, and routing according to specific fare rules and penalties. Changes depend on several factors, such as the fare class, route, and availability. Modifications must occur before the original ticketed departure date, except in instances where LATAM extends waivers due to extraordinary situations like natural disasters, strikes, or pandemic outbreaks.
  • Fare Differences & Penalties: Passengers who opt to change their flights may have to pay a difference in fares, taxes, and/or surcharges. Depending on the fare class and ticket restrictions, LATAM may impose a penalty fee ranging from $50 to USD 200+ per ticket. Economy Light fares typically carry stricter change policies compared to Flexible Economy, Premium Business, or Top Premium fares.
  • Same Day Confirmed Changes: Subject to seat availability, LATAM permits same-day confirmed flight changes for a flat fee of approximately USD 100 (varies by region and route). Passengers must meet eligibility criteria, such as completing their entire journey on LATAM-operated flights and observing specific cutoff times for request submission. Same-day standby options are also available for eligible passengers at no extra charge.

How to Initiate a Flight Change?

To change a LATAM flight, passengers can either contact the airline’s reservations center via telephone(+1-866-609-1576 or +1 (866) 435-9526) or manage their booking online through LATAM’s official website. Online self-service portals streamline the process, offering step-by-step guidance and instantaneous price calculations. Alternatively, agents assisting over the phone can answer questions and address concerns related to complex itineraries or multiple passengers.

Steps to Change Your Flight Online:

  • Access and sign in to My Trips using your LATAM Pass credentials or reservation code.
  • Choose the affected reservation(s) and click Edit Reservation.
  • Update the desired travel dates, cities, or flight numbers.
  • Review the fare breakdown, including base fare, tax adjustments, and change fees.
  • Provide payment information for any outstanding amounts.
  • Secure your amended reservation.

Name Changes on Bookings:

  • LATAM does allow name changes on flight bookings for a fee if permitted by the ticket’s fare rules. The same change fees outlined above apply for name changes.
  • The new passenger must be in the same category as the original (adult, child, etc.). Infant name changes are not allowed. LATAM does not permit one passenger to be substituted for an entirely new passenger with no relation to the original name.

Considerations Before Changing Your Flight:

Before proceeding with a flight change, carefully weigh the financial implications and convenience factors involved. Compare alternative flights in terms of total costs, layovers, and overall travel duration. Furthermore, evaluate whether altering your itinerary aligns better with your schedule, preferences, or budget constraints.

Special Circumstances & Exceptions:

Occasionally, LATAM issues change fee waivers due to external influences affecting large portions of its network. Examples include global pandemics, political crises, extreme weather events, or labor disputes impacting air traffic control systems. During these scenarios, LATAM often relaxes its usual change policies, allowing passengers greater flexibility in rebooking their travels without penalty.


What is LATAM’s policy for changing flight bookings?

LATAM allows passengers to change their flight bookings, subject to fare rules, availability, and change fees. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before the original scheduled departure.

How much does LATAM charge to change a flight booking?

Change fees for LATAM flights start at USD 50 for domestic flights and USD 150 for international flights. This is just the change fee you will also need to pay any fare difference if the new flight has a higher price.

Can I change the passenger name on my LATAM booking?

Yes, LATAM does allow name changes on bookings for an additional fee if the fare rules permit it. The name change fee is USD 50 for domestic flights and USD 150 for international flights. You also need to pay any fare difference.

What if my new flight with LATAM is cheaper than what I originally paid?

If your new flight has a lower fare than what you originally paid, LATAM will issue a travel voucher for the difference in fares. This voucher can be used for future travel on LATAM.

How can I change my flight with LATAM Airlines?

You can request flight changes online at LATAM’s website if you booked directly with them, through their mobile app, by calling their reservations center, or by contacting your travel agent if you booked via an agency.

How late can I change my LATAM flight booking?

Changes must be made at least 24 hours before your originally scheduled departure time; otherwise, they will be considered same-day flight changes and incur higher fees.

Can I change LATAM flight dates, routing, and cabin class?

Yes, you can request a change to the dates, routing, and cabin class of your LATAM flight booking, subject to availability and fare rules. Any fare difference will apply.

What if I need to cancel my LATAM flight?

If you need to cancel your LATAM flight, the ticket value will be held in a credit voucher valid for 12 months, which can be used for future travel. Depending on the fare rules, cancellation fees may apply.


Understanding LATAM Airlines‘ flight change policy ensures that passengers optimize their travel experiences by minimizing inconvenience and unnecessary expenses. Adapting to evolving schedules, personal needs, or environmental challenges becomes easier when equipped with knowledge about ticketing options, fare classes, and ancillary fees. As always, consult LATAM’s official resources for accurate and timely information concerning flight changes and related matters.