American Airlines Red Eye Flights

The Ultimate Guide to American Airlines Red Eye Flights

Red-eye flights are a convenient option for travelers who want to make the most of their time by flying overnight and arriving at their destination early in the morning. If you’re considering taking an American Airlines red eye flights, here is everything you need to know about these late-night journeys.

What are Red Eye Flights?

Red-eye flights refer to overnight flights that typically depart after 9 pm and arrive early (between 6 am and 8 am). These flights are often cheaper than daytime flights due to lower demand and can help save on hotel costs if you travel for business or pleasure.

Why Choose Red Eye Flights?

American Airlines offers several benefits when it comes to red-eye flights, including:

  • Comfortable seating options, such as premium economy seats with extra legroom
  • Inflight entertainment systems with movies, TV shows, music, and games
  • Power outlets at every seat for charging devices
  • Free snacks and beverages on all domestic flights
  • A wide range of destinations across North America, Central America, and South America

Steps To Book American Red Eye Flights

  1. Go to the American Airlines website ( or mobile app. Red-eye flights are overnight flights that depart late at night and arrive early the next morning.
  2. Enter your departure and arrival airports as well as travel dates. Make sure your departure date is the day you want to travel and the return date is the next day.
  3. On the results page, look for flights departing late at night (usually after 9 pm) and arriving early the next morning (before 9 am). These will be labeled as red-eye flights.
  4. Select a red-eye flight that works for your schedule and budget. Make sure to check the departure and arrival times carefully.
  5. If booking roundtrip, choose a red-eye flight for the return trip as well. The return flight will depart late at night and arrive back the next morning.
  6. Enter passenger information for all travelers. This includes full legal name, date of birth, and gender.
  7. If you have an American Airlines account, enter your AAdvantage number to earn miles. If not, you can create an account.
  8. Enter any other optional information like frequent flyer numbers, seat selections, etc.
  9. On the payment page, enter billing information. Double-check that all information is accurate before submitting.
  10. Finalize booking by agreeing to the fare rules and terms. Print or save your e-ticket confirmation containing your record locator.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket attached. Bring this to the airport along with a valid ID to check in for your red-eye flights.

Are Red-Eye Flights a Cheaper Alternative To Day Flight

  • American Airlines red-eye flights can sometimes be a cheaper alternative to daytime flights, but not always. Red-eye flights typically depart between 10 pm-1 am on less desirable overnight schedules when fewer people want to travel.
  • As a result, airlines will often discount fares on these flights to help fill seats. However, popular red-eye routes and weekends usually command higher prices due to demand from business and vacation travelers. Airlines know many travelers are willing to pay more for the time savings of flying overnight.
  • So, Red Eyes may offer cheaper fares depending on the route, travel dates, and time of departure. The best way to find deals is to compare fares for both daytime and red-eye flights. Being flexible on dates can also help find lower red-eye prices.


Are red-eye flights more affordable than daytime flights?

Yes, generally speaking, red-eye flights tend to be less expensive than daytime flights because there is less demand for them. However, prices may vary depending on the route, time of year, and availability.

Can I sleep comfortably during a red-eye flight?

While no airplane seat will provide the same level of comfort as a bed, many passengers find they can get some rest on red-eye flights. Consider upgrading to a premium economy seat or purchasing a neck pillow to improve your sleeping experience.

Will food and drinks be served on my red-eye flight?

Yes, complimentary soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, juice, and snacks will be available on all American Airlines red-eye flights within North America. Meals may also be provided on longer international routes.

How do I book a red-eye flight with American Airlines?

You can easily search for and book red-eye flights on American Airlines’ official website or mobile app. Simply select your departure city, destination, dates, and preferred cabin class, then look for flights that depart in the evening and arrive early in the morning.

What is the check-in process like for red-eye flights?

Check-in procedures for red-eye flights are similar to those for any other American Airlines flight. Passengers should plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time to allow enough time for security screening and boarding. Self-service kiosks and online check-in options are also available to speed up the process.

Is it possible to upgrade my seat on a red-eye flight?

Yes, subject to availability, you may be able to upgrade your seat to a more comfortable option, such as first class or premium economy. Upgrades can usually be purchased directly through American Airlines or via third-party booking platforms. Keep in mind that fees may apply.


Taking an American Airlines red-eye flight can be a smart choice for budget-conscious travelers looking to maximize their time and savings. With comfortable seating options, inflight amenities, and a variety of destinations to choose from, American Airlines makes it easy to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable overnight journey. By understanding what to expect and planning, you can make the most of your next red-eye adventure.