Aeromexico Change Flight Policy

Aeromexico Change Flight Policy: A Complete Guide

Life happens, and even the best-laid travel plans may require modification. Whether facing personal emergencies, professional commitments, or simply changing minds, having the ability to alter flight schedules becomes paramount. Fortunately, Aeromexico acknowledges this necessity and provides customers with convenient options to manage their itineraries accordingly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of Aeromexico change flight, discussing different scenarios, fees, methods, and useful tips along the way.

Circumstances Requiring Changes in Flight

Before we get into the technicalities of changing your AeroMexico reservation, let’s briefly discuss the most common situations that trigger such actions:
  • Scheduling Conflicts: Unexpected changes in personal and professional responsibilities can make your current travel schedule untenable. Flexibility in flight times or dates allows for better accommodating to new commitments.
  • Change of Location: Sometimes circumstances warrant a complete change of destination, requiring you to change your original flight plans.
  • Changing priorities: Passengers may sometimes prefer other flight options – perhaps preferring non-stop routes to connecting flights or vice versa – and there is no urgency to do too.

Understanding Aeromexico Change Fees

Changing a flight on Aeromexico typically involves paying a fee, which varies based on factors such as fare class, route, and time elapsed since booking. Below is an outline of general change fee structures for reference:
  • Economy Class: Varies between $50-$200 plus any difference in fare.
  • Premier Class (Business): Lower fees compared to economy class, ranging from approximately $50-$150, along with potential fare differences.
It is essential to recognize that these figures represent rough estimates rather than definitive values. Actual fees may differ depending on specific cases, so consult Aeromexico’s official website or contact customer service for accurate information.

How to Change Your Flight with Aeromexico?

Now that we have established context regarding possible reasons for changing flights and associated costs, let us examine three primary methods for modifying Aeromexico reservations:


  • Step 1: Visit Aeromexico’s official website.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account using your SkyMiles credentials or enter your reservation code and last name.
  • Step 3: Locate the “My Trips” tab and click on “View / Modify.”
  • Step 4: Choose the reservation you wish to change and hit “Change Flight.”
  • Step 5: Follow prompts to select new flight options, apply payment for any resulting fees or fare differences, and confirm the updated itinerary.

Phone Number:

Alternatively, you can call Aeromexico’s dedicated reservation line at +1 (800) 237-6639 or +1-866-609-1576. Representatives will assist you in navigating the change process, although longer wait times and potential language barriers could pose challenges.

Airport Counters:

Lastly, visiting an airport counter remains a viable option for changing flights. However, keep in mind that this approach tends to be slower, less efficient, and susceptible to queue backlogs. Thus, it is generally advisable to utilize either the website or call center whenever possible.

Useful Tips for Changing Aeromexico Flights

To streamline the flight change experience, consider employing these helpful strategies:
  1. Manage Costs: Monitor reasonable costs of change carefully during changes to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  2. Look for Alternative Airports: Look for nearby airports that serve your destination, as they may offer cheaper fares or fewer hassles.
  3. Search for Closer Travel Dates: Expand your search criteria to include slightly revised travel dates, which can result in cost savings or discounts.
  4. Set Price Alerts: Use tools like Google Flights or Kayak to monitor price fluctuations and pounce on good deals when they arise.


Familiarizing yourself with Aeromexico’s flight change process involves understanding different aspects, such as possible scenarios leading to modifications, fees involved, and effective strategies for making desired changes. By being well-informed, you will be prepared to manage any future flight adjustments efficiently, reducing disruptions and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

How do I change my flight to Aeromexico?

You can change your flight through Aeromexico’s website by calling their reservation phone number at +1 (800) 237-6639 or +1-866-609-1576 or by visiting an airport counter.

Is there a fee to change my flight with AeroMexico Airlines?

Aeromexico Airlines may impose change fees for updating flight bookings, depending on the price class, route, and time of modification. It is critical to understand the precise terms and conditions of your booking.

Can I alter my AeroMexico flight several times?

Yes, you can make numerous changes to your reservation, subject to fare regulations and any applicable costs or limitations. Keep in mind that any alteration may result in a different meal.

What happens if I have to change my AeroMexico flight instead of canceling it?

Depending on the pricing class and cancellation policy related to your reservation, you could be qualified for a refund or travel credit in the event that you want to cancel your flight. Cancellation costs, however, can be necessary under some circumstances.

On the day of departure, is it possible for me to modify my Aeromexico reservation?

AeroMexico Airlines accepts reservation modifications up to a specific amount of time before the planned departure. It is advised to make modifications well in advance to prevent any issues at the last minute.

What routes or destinations can I change on my Aeromexico flight? Are there any restrictions?

Subject to availability and ticket regulations, Aeromexico Airlines normally permits modifications to the majority of its domestic and international destinations within its route network. However, during seasons of high travel demand, there may be banned dates and restrictions that apply.

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