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Efficiently Manage Your Travels: A Comprehensive Guide to Volaris Flight Process

Have you ever had to change your flight plans due to unforeseen circumstances or a change in your schedule? Dealing with airline change policies can be intimidating and confusing, especially for budget airlines like Volaris. But fear not! In this article, we will break down the Volaris change flight process, answering all your burning questions and equipping you with the knowledge to make seamless adjustments to your travel plans. Volaris Flight Change Overview Volaris allows passengers to change their flights under specific conditions, depending on the ticket type and reasons for the change. Key things to remember:
  1. One change per leg is allowed.
  2. Date changes are permitted, but rerouting is treated as a new booking.
  3. Name corrections up to 2 characters are free; otherwise, a name change incurs a fee equal to buying a new ticket.
  4. Changes within 24 hours of booking are free, excluding flights within 7 days.
  5. Tickets are non-transferable, meaning changes can only be made by the passenger named on the ticket.

Volaris Change Flight Fees

One of the critical considerations when contemplating a flight change with Volaris is understanding the associated fees. Different changes may incur varying costs, and it’s crucial to be aware of these fees beforehand. Let’s delve into the specifics of the fees you might encounter:
  1. Up to 24 hours after booking: Free (except for flights within 7 days)
  2. Between 24 hours and 7 days before departure: USD 50 / MXN 1,000
  3. Less than 7 days before departure: USD 100 / MXN 2,000
  4. On the day of departure: USD 150 / MXN 3,000
Note: Fare differences may also apply when making changes. You’ll be responsible for covering any increase in cost.

Simple Steps to Change Your Volaris Flight

Follow these easy steps to modify your Volaris booking with ease:
  • Visit the Volaris website and click “Manage My Trips” at the top of the homepage.
  • Log in to your Volaris account using your last name and confirmation code.
  • Select the flight you wish to modify from the dropdown menu, then click “Next.”
  • Choose your new flight by entering your desired travel dates and searching for available options.
  • Confirm the new flight details and pay any necessary fees or fare differences.
  • lastly, Receive a confirmation email summarizing the altered flight information.

Volaris Customer Service

Need assistance? Volaris Customer Service is available 24/7 at (+52) 55 1102 8000, +1-866-609-1576 (international), or 01 800 122 8000 (domestic, Mexico). Their agents can help you navigate the change process and answer any questions.

Exploring Same-Day Flight Changes:

Volaris recognizes the need for last-minute adjustments and provides same-day flight change options. Understand the eligibility criteria, and associated fees, and consider utilizing this service for added flexibility.

How Much Does Volaris Charge to Change Flight?

The exact cost of changing your Volaris flight depends on several factors, including the nature of the change and how far in advance you make it. Volaris typically discloses these fees during the booking and change process, allowing you to review and accept them before finalizing your adjustments.

Volaris Change Flight Fee Structure:

  • Change Flight Date Fee: Volaris may charge a fee when altering the date of your flight. This fee can vary based on factors such as how far in advance the change is made.
  • Change Flight Destination Fee: If you need to modify your destination, a separate fee may apply. This fee is essential to consider when assessing the feasibility of your travel adjustments.
  • Change Passenger Name Fee: Correcting or updating passenger names might incur a specific fee. It’s advisable to double-check all passenger information during the booking process to avoid this fee.

Related Volaris FAQs

 Does Volaris charge to change flights?

Yes, Volaris implements a fee for changing flights, depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

 How much does Volaris charge to change flight date?

Volaris change flight fees vary depending on ticket type, time left before departure, and delay length. See the fee structure above for details.

 How can I change my Volaris flight?

You can change your Volaris flight online through their website or by contacting their customer service.

 Can I change my flight date?

Yes, Volaris permits date changes for a fee, given that you follow their policies.

 Can I change my flight without a fee?

Changes are free within 24 hours of booking, excluding flights within 7 days.


In conclusion, efficiently managing your travels with Volaris involves a comprehensive understanding of the process. By acquainting yourself with the airline’s policies, fees, and step-by-step procedures, you can navigate the process seamlessly. Whether you need to change your flight date, destination, or passenger details, Volaris provides a user-friendly platform with transparent information to ensure a more flexible and stress-free travel experience. Remember, flexibility is key in the world of travel, and with Volaris, you can adapt your plans with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your journey. Safe travels


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