Philippine Airlines Seat Selection

Philippine Airlines Seat Selection: Your Guide to Customizing Your In-Flight Experience

Comfort and convenience are paramount when it comes to flying. At Philippine National Airlines they understand the importance of providing passengers with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience and one way they address this is with their comprehensive seat selection that allows passengers to choose their preferred seat and flight inside experience To be able to be tailored to their specific needs and preferences In this article, we will explore the details of Philippine Airlines Seat Selection options, exploring the different options available, the benefits they offer, and how you will get the seats you want.

Understanding Philippine Airlines’ Seat Selection Options

Philippine Airlines offers a range of seat selection options, catering to different travel preferences and budgets. These options include:

  • Standard Seat Selection: Passengers have the convenience of selecting their desired seat either at the time of booking or during check-in with the standard seat selection. This complimentary option is ideal for individuals who do not have any particular seat preferences.
  • Preferred Seat Selection: Passengers have the option to choose a preferred seat selection for an extra fee, providing additional legroom and space for a more pleasant flight experience. This choice is ideal for those seeking extra comfort or with particular seat preferences.
  • Premium Economy Seat Selection: Passengers flying in premium economy class have the opportunity to experience increased space and comfort through premium economy seat selection. This choice provides wider seats, additional legroom, and various amenities to enhance the overall flying experience.
  • Business Class Seat Selection: The business class seat selection provides top-notch comfort and luxury for travelers looking for a high-end flying experience. Passengers have the option to select from a range of seats, such as lie-flat beds, to guarantee a pleasant journey.

Seat selection process

Online booking

Online booking is the primary way to choose a seat on a Philippine Airlines flight. After entering required information such as departure city, destination, dates, number of passengers, and service group, users are presented with a seat map showing the available options to use the function and the passengers can then select their preferred seats based on availability and preference. It’s worth noting that some premium cabins may have more generous advance seat assignment opportunities compared to economy class.

Mobile applications

In addition to the website, Philippine Airlines has developed a mobile application that allows customers to perform various tasks, including seat selection. Once logged in, users can follow the same steps described above for web-based reservations. With real-time updates and easy integration across devices, using the app ensures that choosing your seat is easy and efficient.

Manage My Booking.

Don’t worry if you’ve already booked without selecting a seat. Customers can use Philippine Airlines’ “Manage My Booking” feature to modify existing reservations, including seat assignments. Simply log in with your confirmation code or Mabuhay Miles account information, navigate to the appropriate section, and select your desired seat(s). Keep in mind that changes made using this method may result in additional charges depending on the fare type and timing.

Contact Philippine Airlines

If you require assistance or have specific seating requirements, you can contact Philippine Airlines customer service representatives at 1 (800) 435-9725 or +1-866-609-1576. They can guide you through the seat selection process and ensure your preferences are accommodated to the best of their ability.

Benefits of choosing your seat in Philippine Airlines

Choosing your seat on Philippine Airlines gives you many perks that can greatly improve your overall travel experience:

  • Comfort and convenience: By choosing your seat in advance, you can ensure a comfortable and easy journey. Whether you want an aisle seat with easy access, a window seat to enjoy the scenery, or an exit for more legroom, you can make the experience you get at the aircraft suit your preferences.
  • Traveling companions: Additionally, if you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, the optional seats protect adjacent seats. In this way, you can sit together and enjoy each other’s company throughout the flight.
  • Early entry: In some cases, choosing your seat in advance gives you priority boarding opportunities, making it easier to settle into your chosen seat before boarding.

Seat Selection Policies

Advance Assignment

Passengers can generally begin assigning seats after purchasing a ticket; however, some restrictions may apply depending on the fare type and availability. In general, earlier bookings help in better seat selection. However, if you choose basic economy fares, complimentary advance seat assignments may not be available until check-in opens, subject to applicable fees.

Fees and Charges

While standard seat assignments are free in most premium cabins, economy class passengers may face varying fees depending on factors such as distance traveled, time remaining before departure, and specific location within the aircraft.

Changes & Cancellations

Modifying or revoking seat assignments after purchase usually incurs additional fees, unless exempted under certain conditions. Always read the terms and conditions of your chosen fare to avoid any unexpected penalties due to changes.


How can I choose my seat when I book a flight, with Philippine Airlines?

You have the option to pick your seat during the booking process online via the app or at a time using the ‘Manage My Booking’ feature.

Are there any benefits to selecting my seat in advance on Philippine Airlines?

Absolutely, by pre-selecting your seat, you can enjoy personalized experiences. In addition, you will have added convenience and assistance from staff, resulting in a smoother travel experience for families.

Do I need to pay for seats on Philippine Airlines?

Additionally, the cost of selecting seats depends on your class and journey distance. While primarily applicable to economy class passengers luxury car buyers are exempt, from this fee.

What are the Philippine Airlines Economy Flex seats?

Economy flex seats offer greater flexibility, priority boarding, and additional baggage allowances compared to regular economy class seats.


Firstly, choosing your seat on Philippine Airlines is a simple yet effective way to enhance your travel experience. Understanding the various seat options, configurations, and options allows you to make informed decisions and have an in-flight experience tailored to your unique needs and preferences Whether you want an extra leg, you and your companions travel or prioritize comfort, Philippine Airlines’ comprehensive seat selection offering is your pleasure from departure to arrival and ensuring travel.


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