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Comprehensive comparison Blue Extra JetBlue & JetBlue Blue

This read-below talks about a comparison between JetBlue’s popular Blue vs JetBlue Blue Extra airfares-

In the leading aviation industry, airlines cannot be left behind when it comes to comfortable and long-distance travel, out which JetBlue Airways has long been a preferred option among most air travelers as it never steps back in offering exceptional service and affordable airfares.

But when it comes to choosing the airfare for a new traveler to reach their desired destination, it becomes difficult to choose which airfare is the best. Various comparison materials between various airfares of JetBlue Airlines are available on the internet. But, with JetBlue blue and blue fare options, travelers can get more flexibility and benefits to meet their travel needs. And if you are a budget-conscious traveler and recently searched for JetBlue difference between blue and blue extra, then this article is especially for you.

In this long and descriptive read-below, we will shed light and make a comparison between “JetBlue blue vs blue extra” airfares. So that you can know which airfare will be best for you as per your travel preferences.

Let’s begin to explore!

Difference between blue vs blue extra JetBlue

If you are pondering about- what is the difference between blue and blue extra on JetBlue? Then, here’s your answer-

While both airfare prices offer a comfortable, enjoyable flight, there are some key differences that may influence your decision.

Blue vs Blue Extra JetBlue on the basis of expenditure:

In the comparison of Blue Extra vs Blue on the basis of the price of each, we get to know that JetBlue Blue Basic is the cheapest airfare offered by the airline as compared to other options. If you are budget-conscious and would like to save as much as possible on your travel expenses. However, JetBlue’s “Blue Extra” airfares are also considered cheaper during your trip when you factor in getting same-day change/standby and priority access to avoid extra fees.

Let us understand the difference between blue and blue extra JetBlue better with the help of a comparison table:

 BlueBlue Extra JetBlue
Carry-on bag11
Personal item included11
Checked bag(s) included0 (1 for UK / Europe)0 (1 for UK / Europe)
Changes/CancellationsNo FeeNo Fee
Same-day switches$75 feeIncluded
Same-day standby$75 feeIncluded
Seat selectionIncludedIncluded
Priority securityAdditional fee. Available at select airports.Included. Available at select airports.
Base TrueBlue points per $133
TrueBlue online booking bonus per $133

JetBlue Blue: Best for Budget-conscious travelers:

If you wonder, what does blue fare mean on JetBlue, or what does blue fare option include? Read this write-up section carefully-

JetBlue’s Blue Fare class is specifically designed by the airline to provide passengers with a comfortable flying experience as well as a budget-friendly option with cheap airfares.

To know about this in detail, read the key feature below-

  1. Cost-Effective Travel: When it comes to prices, Blue Fare price is generally lower as compared to Blue Extra JetBlue because of the difference between flight experience. It makes it an eye-catching option for those who are budget-conscious and would like to save as much as possible on their travel expenses.
  2. In-Flight Facilities: However, Blue Fare is an affordable and cheap travel option with JetBlue Airlines, But travelers can still enjoy some of the in-flight benefits, such as complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages during the flight.
  3. Seat Selection: With JetBlue’s Blue Fare option, you don’t need to pay extra fees for a seat because seat selection is included. You can select/update your seat efficiently by navigating through the official website or by calling JetBlue’s official customer service number +1 855-232-5463 or +1-866-609-1576, accessible across the United States.
  4. Check-In Options: Blue fare passengers can easily check-in online by navigating through the official website of JetBlue Airlines or via the JetBlue app. For better assistance, you can also do so by contacting an airline agent over the phone to save time by skipping the long queues at the airport.
  5. Baggage Allowance: In the Blue Fare option, the standard checked baggage and 1 carry-on bag allowance are included, but make sure that the carry-on bag does not exceed 22” L x 14” W x 9” H. This allows travelers to bring a certain amount of luggage without incurring additional fees.

JetBlue Blue Extra: To enhance your travel experience

If you are wondering, what does blue extra mean on JetBlue, or what is blue extra on JetBlue? Read this write-up section carefully-

If you are one of those travelers who would like to travel with additional perks and a more enhanced experience. Then, you must go with JetBlue’s Blue Extra option.

Here’s the key feature of what does JetBlue Blue Extra include:

Extra Legroom:

One of the major benefits of booking a flight with the JetBlue Blue Extra option is extra legroom. It provides a more spacious and comfortable journey for the traveler.

Priority Boarding:

In addition to extra legroom, travelers who booked their flight via Blue Extra JetBlue can enjoy priority boarding access and be first on the plane before general boarding starts.

JetBlue blue extra seats:

Travelers don’t need to pay extra fees for a seat because seat selection is included.

Access to In-Flight Entertainment:

With the Blue Extra fare option, you can enjoy several in-flight entertainment options along with beverages and complimentary snacks, Such as a wide range of movies, TV shows, and music.

Free changes and cancellations:

When you book tickets with the JetBlue Blue Extra Fare option, you will not required to pay any additional fees to change your flight, and if you cancel, you can re-schedule and get a full refund in the 24-hour window. As per the JetBlue blue extra cancellation policy.

Same-day switches:

Travelers can make a confirmed same-day switch before boarding on a plane at no additional fee. However, there’s a $75 fee for those who booed their flight with other airfare options.

Same-day standby:

For being on same-day standby, JetBlue does not charge any extra fees due to the Blue Extra fare option. If you have any query concerns left in your mind about what is blue extra on JetBlue flights. Then, directly talk to a live agent at JetBlue Airlines phone number: +1 855-232-5463 or +1-866-609-1576 (no wait).

How to book a flight with JetBlue Blue?

If you want to book a flight with JetBlue Airlines by choosing its Blue Fare or Blue Extra Fare option, then you have three ways to choose. You can either book through the online website, app or call. You can directly speak to a member of the sales team, or get personal assistance directly at the airport.

If you’re wondering how to book a flight with JetBlue through their online website or by calling, read the step-by-step instructions mentioned below for your convenience.

Book a flight online via the web:

To book a flight, either by choosing Blue Extra or Blue online, follow the steps given below-

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to JetBlue’s official website.
  • Go to the flight booking section.
  • After that, Enter your travel details, such as your departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and the number of travelers.
  • Click on “Search Flights” and select a flight from the available options:
  • Next, you will be prompted to select your desired fare class. Here, you can either choose JetBlue Blue or Blue Extra.
  • Follow the further on-screen prompts and select seats if needed.
  • Add Extra Services such as additional baggage or travel insurance.
  • Add your contact information along with your and other passenger’s details.
  • At last, select the payment mode and make the payment to complete the entire process. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your itinerary or flight booking number.

Contact JetBlue agent for bookings:

If you need to speak to a live representative to book a flight, either by choosing Blue Extra or Blue, follow the steps given below-

  • Dial official JetBlue Airlines toll-free phone numbers: +1 855-232-5463 or +1-866-609-1576 (no wait).
  • Upon calling, listen to the automated prompts carefully and choose your preferred language.
  • Press “1” or say “Book a Fight” to make new reservations with JetBlue.
  • Follow the further prompts and opt for an option to speak with a live representative.
  • Wait patiently, and once you connect, discuss your subject and share your travel-related preferences with the agent so that the agent can proceed with bookings efficiently.
  • Select your preferred fare option out of Blue Extra or Blue, and at last, pay the applicable and total airfare to complete the bookings.


After reading through the above sections of this write-up, I’m sure that you got the answer for what is JetBlue blue extra and what’s the difference between blue and blue extra on JetBlue. In case there’s still any query left in your mind. It’s advisable to navigate through the official website or directly place a call at JetBlue official phone service number at +1 855-232-5463 or +1-866-609-1576 (no hold).


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