Spirit Airlines Change Flight

How to Change a Spirit Airlines Flight?

Spirit Airlines is one of the best airlines, known for its convenient facilities, easy accessibility, and comfort of passengers. The airlines provide many services that make it easy for passengers to change according to their situations. We as humans are bound to make mistakes, get into unexpected situations and emergencies, or make sudden changes in plans. Sometimes things don’t go as planned so we need some changes, that’s why Spirit Airlines takes care of their passengers and provides a Change flight policy for their convenience.

Spirit Airlines understands human nature and unexpected situations faced by people. That is why they provide facilities for their passengers, which helps them make changes in their booking. If you are a passenger traveling with Spirit and have made some mistakes or need to change your flight or date, this guide will help you; it will provide you with all the details and information about Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy.

What is Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy?

So what is Spirit Airlines’ Flight change policy? This question has arisen in your mind while reading this. Spirit Flight change policy – gives you the possibility so you can change your flight. Changing your flight is as simple as booking online or offline tickets.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Changing a flight can be hectic if you are unaware of the Flight Change Policy. There may be some terms and conditions that you must follow. Before changing our flight, we need to remember the Spirit Flight Change Policy. Here are the terms and conditions you must follow if you are willing to change your flight.

  • According to Spirit Airlines’ Flight change policy, you can either cancel or change your flight within 24 hours of booking your ticket.
  • If you are cancelling your ticket under some unexpected situation, such as the death of your close one, you must provide some supporting documents to save your extra charge change fee on your booked ticket.
  • Passengers don’t have to pay an extra fee if they change their flight with another Spirit Airlines if the flight’s departure and arrival are altered or delayed by Spirit Airlines.
  • With Spirit Airlines, You can take advantage of ticket change if you book your ticket with your debit or credit card, as some banks provide the change coverage.
  • You can save your penalty fee if you change your flight with the Spirit Flight Change option. To protect against the penalty, you must book your ticket From Spirit Airlines’ official website, not the third-party website.

How to Change Spirit Airlines Flight?

Till now, you must have understood the Spirit Flight change policies. So let us proceed with how to change or cancel your flight. Both online and offline processes can be done by contacting Travel Care.

To Change Spirit Flight Online:

  • To change your Spirit Airlines flight online, you have to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines
  • After that, log in to your Spirit Airlines account
  • Now go to the My Trips section of the webpage
  • Enter all the details required
  • Proceed with clicking on the continue button
  • You will see cancel or change your flight option
  • They proceed with following the given instructions to complete the procedure.

After completing the process, you will get your freshly changed or canceled flight confirmation on your registered contact number or email with Spirit Airlines.

To Change Spirit Flight Offline

To change your Spirit flight offline, you can contact the Travel Care department and request them to change or cancel your flight, or you can visit the Spirit reservation center at your nearest airport to change or cancel your ticket.

Change your flight for free.

We recommend you change your flight within 24 hours of booking to save you from the penalties. Also, it will consume some time and may require documentation later. To save your precious time and money, you should change or cancel your ticket 60 days before the departure of your flight.

With the Spirit Airlines Flight Change policy, we made it convenient for our passengers to make changes to their tickets. If you are a member of Spirit Airlines Flight Flex option, you can change or cancel your ticket 24 hours before the departure of your flight without paying any penalty fee. Also, you can change or cancel your flight if it gets delayed by two hours or more from the departure time.


Can I change my flight with Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can change your flight with Spirit; you must change or cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking or 60 days before your departure. Otherwise, you will be penalized depending on your flight and when you change.

How can I Change My Spirit flight?

To change or cancel your flight, you need to visit manage trips on the official website, or you can call travel care by phone (+1-844-933-2065), by WhatsApp (855-728-3555), by text (48763), or via direct messages on Spirit social media platforms.

What is the Spirit flight change fee?

The fee to change standard Spirit Airlines may vary between USD 49 – 99; it depends on how early you change. If you are making the change from 0-2 days before your departure, it will cost USD 99. Or between 7-59 days, it will cost USD 49. If you make changes 3-6 days before your departure, it will cost USD 79.


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