United Missed Flight Policy

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Missing a flight can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for most air travelers. If you are also one of those who recently booked a flight or missed a flight with United Airlines and searched for “What to do if I missed my flight United Airlines.” Then, this write-up is especially for you.

Like other major airlines in the aviation industry, United Airlines has specific policies and guidelines in place for travelers who find themselves in the situation of United Airlines missed flight or missed connection United flight. You can also call United’s official phone number at +1-800-UNITED (1-800-864-8331) or +1-866-609-1576 to get all your queries like United standby policy, United flight delay missed connection, or more.

Moreover, in this article, we will target the United Missed Flight term and cover topics like reasons behind United Airlines’ missed flights, United Airlines’ policies, and the steps passengers can take to avoid such situations.

Understanding the Causes of Missed Flights:

The common reasons why many times passengers face missed flight situations with United Airlines are mentioned below.

  • Arriving late at the airport
  • Encountering traffic delays
  • Security checkpoint wait times
  • Do not realize the flight change.
  • 0 attention to all updated flight information of United Airlines.
  • Due to connecting flights
  • Weather-related disruptions or unforeseen events.
  • Lost boarding pass

And many more.

What to do if I miss my United Airlines Flights? (Best Option)

If you miss your United Airlines flight, you can contact their customer service in real-time at +1-800-UNITED (1-800-864-8331) or +1-866-609-1576. Upon calling, opt for the appropriate IVR option, and after conception, an agent will assist with rebooking or finding alternatives to encounter the disruption.

Missing a flight can be a stressful experience for any traveler, especially if he has to travel for some urgent work. Therefore, understanding current policies and available options for the convenience of travelers by the airlines in such cases is crucial for the traveler. If you would like to know about the airline’s guidelines and options in this situation, take a jump to the next write-up section.

Will United Rebook if I miss my flight?

No, United Airlines will not automatically book your flight if you miss it. However, some benefits are given, like a certain percentage of relaxation in some cases, for example, if you are not well or facing the death of someone in the family or something else and have missed your flight. In such a situation, airlines have given special benefits so that you can book flights and pay less.

According to the United rebooking policy, there are three different ways to rebook a missed flight, either online or offline, that passengers can consider after missing a flight.

What are the United Airlines Missed Flights Policies?

United Airlines has set several guidelines under the “United Flight Missed Policy” to address issues and challenges faced by its passengers in case of missed flights United Airlines.

This policy is specially designed to provide clarity and better assistance to passengers facing such a situation.

  • In case of a flight missed/canceled/delayed, you have an option for rebooking based on the ticket type and availability. If you hold refundable tickets, it might have more flexibility than those with non-refundable or basic economy tickets.
  • United flight missed policy entitles fees for rebooking or changing flights after a traveler has missed their scheduled departure or connected flight. Missed flight fee varies based on several factors, such as the ticket type, destination, and availability of alternative flights.
  • Passengers must arrive within two hours at the airport after the departure of the booked flight to catch the next.
  • Get a standby flight to your destination at no extra cost. A standby list lets travelers travel on a different flight if a seat becomes available.

United Missed Flight Refund Policy:

Passengers can claim compensation if their flight is delayed or canceled for any reason. United’s refund policy works well in this situation. Let’s shed light on the guidelines mentioned under this policy.

  • If your United Airlines flight is missed or delayed by 3 hours or more because of the airline, then you can claim United missed connection compensation.
  • You can request a cancellation compensation claim for your United flight if it gets canceled before 14 days of departure.
  • If you are denied boarding due to overbooking and missing your flight, you can get a refund from the airline or be put on a waitlist.

United Missed Connection Flights Condition:

Wondering-What happens if I miss my connecting flight with United? Here’s your answer:-

Missing a connecting flight is another common problem among travelers. If you are one of those who missed your connecting flight on United Airlines due to circumstances beyond your control. Then, United Airlines will not hesitate to help you in this situation. If necessary, the airline will assist you with rebooking and provide one-day accommodation.

Here’s what will happen in such a situation:

  • If your arrival flight is delayed and you miss your connecting flight, United customer service will notify you of your new flight and provide assistance.
  • United will reschedule your reservation to the next available flight to your final destination at no additional cost.
  • If the next flight is scheduled for the next day, United may offer accommodation, transportation, and meal vouchers at no additional cost.

What to do if you think you might miss your United flight?

If you feel that you may be late to the airport for any reason or you may be unable to board the plane on your scheduled departure date, thereby missing your United Airlines flight. Then, the best course of action is to cancel your flight and book later.

Steps to cancel a United Airlines flight to re-book it later:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines on your favorite browser.
  • Go to the United Airlines “My trips” section.
  • Next, enter your flight ticket confirmation number and the last name to access your bookings with the airline.
  • Click on the “Cancel flight” option located at the top of the screen.
  • Follow the further prompts and confirm your cancellation.
  • At last, click on the “Confirm Cancellation” to complete the process.

How can I rebook a flight with United Airlines?

If you have missed your flight on United Airlines and want to book your ticket for the next flight again, you can do so from the booking section on the official website, connect with a United live representative, and proceed with the booking, or You can do this at the help desk or ticket booking counter at the airport.

Rebook a flight by contacting a United Airlines Agent:

  • To rebook a United flight after missing one, dial the official United official phone number at +1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) or +1-866-609-1576 (toll-free).
  • Press 1 to choose “English” as your preferred language and “2” for the other language option.
  • Next, opt for an option to book a flight with United Airlines.
  • Press 7 or say “Representative” to direct your call to the live customer service agent at United Airlines customer service.
  • Be patient and wait until your call connects to have a word with the United Live representative.
  • Once you connect with someone at United Airlines, explain your intention to the agent for rebooking a flight with United Airlines after missing one.
  • Provide the relevant details for booking a new flight or your missed flight details for any benefits under the United Missed Flight policy, if applicable.
  • Select the flight from the options served by an agent on a call.
  • Request SRR if needed.
  • At last, review the total fare summary and proceed with the payment of the total fare to complete the entire booking process.

Re-booking United Flight Online:

To re-book a flight with United Airlines online, first you need to go to the official website of United Airlines, then follow the following steps.

  • Go to the United Airlines flight booking section.
  • Enter the names of your destination and departure airports in the text fields provided.
  • Select your trip type and preferred date to travel, and add the number of travelers traveling with you.
  • Once done, click “Search Flights.”
  • Now you can see multiple flight options
  • Next, choose the flight that suits your preferences from the various options and click on it.
  • Follow the further prompts to select your seat and proceed with the add-on process.
  • Proceed to the payment for your total airfare.
  • Once your payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation mail from the company on your flight booking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What number should I call if I miss my United Airlines flight?

If you are a traveler who misses a United flight, you can contact a live representative via the United dedicated helpline at +1 800 864 8331 or +1-866-609-1576. Through these dedicated phone service digits, you can ensure a seamless connection with a live agent at United Airlines.

If I miss my flight, do I have to pay for another one?

If you’re wondering – “If I miss my United flight, do I have to pay for another flight?” Let me tell you that- additional charges may apply depending on the circumstances: your ticket type and whether your connecting flight is missed. For better and more accurate information about United’s missed flight fees, you should contact a customer service agent at United’s dedicated helpline at +1 800 864 8331 or +1-866-609-1576.

What is the no-show fee of United Airlines?

If you fall into the airline’s United no-show category, you will be charged approximately $150 per the United no-show policy.

Can I get compensation for my delayed United Airlines flight?

Yes, you can request United Airlines compensation when the flight was delayed more than 3 hours or 180 minutes. Moreover, you can also re-book the next available flight at no additional cost and request a full refund if you don’t want to travel.

If you miss a flight, do you get a refund from United Airlines?

Yes, but only under some specific situations. For example- If you are denied boarding due to overbooking and missing your flight.


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