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JetBlue Print Boarding Pass: Everything you must know!

JetBlue, a United States low-cost airline that is known for its exceptional customer service also offers web check-in for most passengers. If you are one of those travelers who is wondering or recently searched for how to print a boarding pass JetBlue. Then, this read-below will definitely hit a sweet spot for you. Here, you will get to know everything that you must know when printing a boarding pass for your flight booked with JetBlue.

With the leverage of web check-in, this service allows travelers to check in easily and JetBlue print boarding passes without having to go through an agent at a JetBlue counter or to stand in a long queue.

When can you print the boarding pass?

If you are wondering when can I get my JetBlue boarding passes? Then, read this article carefully.

Travelers can use web check-in from 24 hours before their departure time up to 30 minutes before departure for flights within Canada or one hour before flights to U.S. or international destinations. Apart from navigating through the official website, you can also use the JetBlue mobile app and contact their customer service team at +1 (800) 538-2583 or +1-866-609-1576 (no wait), accessible across the United States.

Obtaining a boarding pass for your JetBlue flight is a hassle-free process, offering convenience and flexibility. Take a jump to the further section to know how you can print boarding pass for JetBlue flights through various methods:

When can I print my JetBlue boarding pass?

If you wonder, when can you print JetBlue boarding pass? Then, let me tell you that you can print a JetBlue boarding pass through various convenient options, depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Here’s where you can print your boarding pass-

  • JetBlue App: You can launch your JetBlue app, access your flight bookings, and get your boarding pass within a few taps.
  • JetBlue Manage Trips Page (Online): Fill out your information on the Manage Trips page, access your flight bookings, and click on the “Get Boarding Pass” option at the bottom of the My Booking page to view and print your boarding pass.
  • JetBlue Customer Service: If you prefer to talk to a live person for personalized assistance, you can contact JetBlue Airlines customer service by dialing JetBlue phone number: +1 (800) 538-2583 or +1-866-609-1576.
  • At the airport kiosk or Ticket Counter: Travelers can also expedite the process of JetBlue Airways print boarding pass at the airport JetBlue or ticket counter.
  • Check-In with JetBlue or Partner Airline: Check in with JetBlue or a partner airline, for example, “Expedia,” and follow the on-screen prompts to access your boarding pass.
  • Group Bookings: For group bookings, you must check in at the ticket counter and approach an Airport crew member. Because all boarding passes for the group will be issued at that time.

Is there a fee to print a boarding pass for JetBlue?

If you are pondering- Is there a fee to print a boarding pass for JetBlue? The short answer is “No.” JetBlue does not charge a fee for printing a boarding pass.

JetBlue offers several options for obtaining your boarding pass, including online check-in through their website or mobile app, as well as printing it at the airport kiosk or ticket counter, as mentioned in the previous write-up. However, it’s always advisable to check the airline’s specific policies and guidelines, as they may be subject to change.

How to Print a JetBlue boarding pass?

Print boarding pass JetBlue Airways is a straightforward process, and you have several options to choose from. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to print boarding pass:

JetBlue Customer Service:

The most convenient and easy way for better assistance to obtain a JetBlue flight boarding pass is by contacting JetBlue Air customer service at +1 (800) 538-2583 or ++1-866-609-1576 (no wait).

  • Firstly, dial JetBlue’s phone number: +1 (800) 538-2583 or +1-866-609-1576 (Toll-free).
  • Choose your preferred language by pressing the designated key instructed by IVR.
  • Press “2” for an existing flight booking with JetBlue Airlines.
  • Press “4” for check-in, and then you will connect to a live agent.
  • Once you connect with a live representative, explain your intention to contact.
  • Provide your relevant booking details to the agent and let him expedite the process of the JetBlue print-out boarding pass.

Official Website:

If you prefer to navigate through the official website, follow the steps mentioned below. You can visit JetBlue’s website at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines in your favorite browser.
  • Click on the “Manage Your Flights” option to go to the “JetBlue Manage Booking” page.
  • Enter your flight booking details in the given text field to access your itinerary.
  • Look for the online “Check-in” option. This option is not available less than 90 minutes before your departure time. In such case, obtain your JetBlue boarding pass at the airport by using the self-service check-in kiosks or from a JetBlue agent.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and confirm your check-in once you have entered all of the requested information by clicking on the “Check In” button.
  • Now, click on the “View Boarding Pass” for JetBlue boarding pass print out.

Note: In case you find an error like- “Print boarding pass not working,” “can’t print boarding pass,” or “Boarding pass won’t print.” Then, you must approach a live agent at the JetBlue customer service desk.

At the airport:

  • If you are at the airport, first approach a live agent by heading to the customer service counter.
  • Wait for your turn if there’s a queue.
  • Provide your booking details to the agent so that he can expedite the process, or you can also use the Self-Service JetBlues Kiosk to print your JetBlue flight boarding pass.

Access JetBlue boarding passes through JetBlue App:

  • First, launch your JetBlue App
  • Review your upcoming trip using the JetBlue app.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and save your boarding pass to your mobile for easy access.

How to print an infant boarding pass at JetBlue Kiosk?

If you need to print an infant boarding pass at the airport or, your question is How to print Kiosk? Then, here’s the step on how you can do so.

  • First, head to the airport from where you need to depart or board your JetBlue Airlines flight.
  • Use the self-service option of JetBlue that refers to the JetBlue Kiosk.
  • Enter the information required for online check-in.
  • Follow the further prompts.
  • Print your boarding pass from the JetBlue Kiosk.

Additional Tips:

  • You can re-print your boarding pass after initial check-in by visiting JetBlue’s website and clicking on “Manage Your Flights.”
  • If using a self-service JetBlue, take any checked luggage to the designated bag drop-off area after printing your boarding pass.
  • JetBlue’s multiple check-in options ensure a smooth start to your travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: If I print my boarding pass, do I need to check in my baggage JetBlue?

Ans: If you print your boarding pass for JetBlue, you may still need to check in your baggage. At most airports, you can conveniently scan your mobile or printed boarding pass at the kiosk to automatically print your bag tags without approaching a live agent.

Q2: How do I get a boarding pass for my connecting flight?

Ans: You can get a connecting flight boarding pass by checking in with seat assignments for both segments. Apart from this, if you are placed on the Standby list for the first flight, you can receive the single segment pass only, but a seat assignment allows you to obtain the connecting pass via the boarding gate or app.


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