JetBlue Airlines Mint Upgrade

Experiencing JetBlue’s Mint First-Class Upgrade

Flying first class is the pinnacle of luxury travel – but many airlines have priced it out of reach for average flyers. JetBlue bucks that trend by offering an affordable first class on flights across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. JetBlue Airlines Mint premium experience provides upscale amenities without the sky-high cost. This guide will walk through the perks of booking JetBlue first class and how to get the best fares. Learn how to fly in affordable style and comfort!

JetBlue Mint Overview

Introduced in 2014, JetBlue Mint represents their take on first-class flying. Available on select coast-to-coast and international routes, Mint offers private suites, lie-flat beds, upscale dining, and amenity kits for a truly premium experience.

While still a splurge, Mint often runs just $100-300 more each way compared to standard Economy – a fraction of the cost of other airlines’ first-class fares. For special occasions or important trips, going to Mint is an attainable luxury.

Routes Served

JetBlue currently offers Mint on the following routes:

  • New York JFK to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle
  • Boston to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle
  • Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • Caribbean routes from New York/Boston like Aruba and St. Maarten
  • Select flights from New York/Boston to South America including Ecuador and Colombia

Mint availability is still limited but expanding. JetBlue plans to add Mint to transcontinental flights from its Newark and Palm Beach bases soon. More long-haul Mint routes are also expected.

JetBlue Mint Passenger Experience

Here’s an overview of the exclusive amenities and services when flying Mint on JetBlue:

  • Fully lie-flat seats with massage and memory foam.
  • Closing doors for privacy in your suite.
  • Chef-curated meals with menu drinks and cocktails.
  • Birchbox amenity kits with sleep products & niceties.
  • Unlimited WiFi and live TV with 100+ channels.
  • Dedicated check-in, security, and customs lines.
  • Expedited bag delivery from the plane side.

You arrive relaxed and refreshed – Mint allows you to indulge on your journey. It’s a transformative way to fly coast to coast or jet set to the Caribbean in total comfort.

Upgrade or Book via JetBlue Mint

When booking JetBlue flights on their website or app, Mint will display an upgrade option for eligible routes 21+ days in advance. You can select Mint first class during checkout.

Mint fares are also available to book directly as initial search results when entering airports served:

  • Enter your airports and dates.
  • Select “Mint” as the fare for premium first class.
  • Review and book Mint fare.
  • Pay for the flight and complete ticketing.

JetBlue offers an easy self-service booking process online for Mint without having to call in. Payment is required at the time of ticketing.

Cost of JetBlue Mint Fares

JetBlue Mint prices are route and demand-based, but generally start around:

  • Transcontinental: $599+ each way
  • Caribbean: $799+ round-trip
  • South America: $999+ round-trip

These are just sample starting rates – Mint fares can run higher during peak periods or closer to departure when seats become scarce.

But relative to other airlines, JetBlue’s first class remains a value. The same seats on Delta, United, or American might run $2000+! For a comparable experience under $1000 round-trip, Mint offers a bargain.

Checking Availability

Since Mint first class is still being rolled out across JetBlue’s network, seat availability is limited. Before booking, you’ll want to check that Mint is offered on your desired flights.

A couple of tips:

  • Firstly, Use JetBlue’s website to search Mint directly.
  • Then, Try Google Flights and filter for first-class.
  • After that, Use Expertflyer to view Mint award seat openings.
  • Call JetBlue to ask about Mint availability.
  • Sign up for fare alerts in case Mint is added.

Flexibility with travel dates and airports can help if Mint isn’t offered for your initial plans. With some research, you can uncover seats.

Features and amenities of JetBlue’s Mint first class:

  • Fully lie-flat seats with massage, adjustable cushions, and sliding doors for privacy.
  • On-demand dining with locally-inspired cuisine, premium wines, and cocktails.
  • Individual seatback entertainment screens with live TV, movies, and games.
  • Curated amenity kits from Birchbox with sleep and skincare products.
  • Unlimited high-speed Fly-Fi wifi and satellite TV.
  • Expedited check-in, security clearance, customs, and bag delivery.
  • Access to Mint Lounges and priority services like early boarding.
  • Complimentary checked bags and waived change fees.
  • Plane-side bag delivery upon arrival.
  • Dedicated Mint boarding door separate from the economy.
  • Lounge-like cabin environment with wide aisles and attentive crew.

Earning and Redeeming Points

JetBlue’s TrueBlue frequent flyer program allows redeeming points for Mint seats at attractive rates. Rates start around:

  • Mint Suites: 70,000+ points each way
  • Mint Studios: 47,500+ points each way

You can earn TrueBlue points through flying, using the JetBlue credit card, transferring hotel/mall points, and more. Booking Mint with cash and then leveraging points for return can be a savvy move.

Pro Tips for Booking

Follow these tips to find and book Mint at the best value:

  • Book 9-12 months out for peak seasons like holidays
  • Pick flexible dates if booking closer in
  • Avoid blackout dates around major events
  • Book on Tuesdays when sales are often loaded
  • Call JetBlue to ask about fare sales
  • Set fare alerts and pounce quickly when Mint is discounted

With preparation and research, you can experience JetBlue’s version of first-class service for an attainable price.


While often out of reach for leisure travelers, JetBlue opens up its Mint premium cabins at reasonable rates. Don’t just dream about first-class – fly affordably with JetBlue’s lie-flat beds, gourmet meals, and stylish suites! Use these booking strategies and Mint can fit within many budgets.


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