Alaska Airlines Change Flight

A Comprehensive Guide to Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy

Alaska Airlines is committed to providing exceptional customer service, which includes a flexible and convenient change flight policy. Alaska Airlines offers flexible change flight policies to accommodate the needs of its passengers. With the exception of Saver fares, Alaska Airlines has eliminated change fees for most tickets. This policy applies to all non-Saver travel, ensuring a more convenient travel experience for flyers.

Alaska Airlines allows customers to change their flights for a fee, depending on the type of ticket purchased. For most main cabin tickets, the flight change fee is $125 for domestic travel and $200 for international travel. However, for refundable first-class or refundable main cabin tickets, flight changes are permitted at no additional cost. All flight changes must be made prior to the departure time of the originally scheduled flight.

Types of Fares and Change Fees of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers three primary fare types: Saver, Main, and First Class. Each fare type has different rules and fees associated with making changes to flight reservations.

  • Saver Fares: Saver fares are the most restrictive and generally the least expensive. These fares are non-refundable and non-changeable, except for within the first 24 hours of booking.
  • Main Fares: Main fares offer more flexibility, with no change fees for reservations made at least 24 hours before departure. Same-day changes are also allowed for a fee.
  • First Class Fares: First Class fares offer the most flexibility, with no change fees for reservations made at least 24 hours before departure. Same-day changes are complimentary for First Class passengers.

Changing Your Flight Reservation with Alaska Airlines

To change your Alaska Airlines flight reservation, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines official website and navigate to the “Manage Trip” section.
  • After that, Enter your confirmation code and last name to access your reservation.
  • Choose the flight you wish to change and select either “Make Changes to This Trip” or “Use the Value of This Trip to Purchase a New Trip.”
  • Select your new flight and proceed to checkout.

If your new flight has a fare difference, you’ll be responsible for paying the difference. However, if your new flight costs less, you’ll receive a credit for the remaining value. You can also call Alaska’s reservations line at +1 (800) 252-7522 or +1-866-609-1576 to have an agent assist with changing your flight over the phone.

Peace of Mind Waiver

Alaska Airlines introduced the Peace of Mind Waiver, which allows passengers to make changes to their bookings without incurring change fees. This waiver applies to tickets purchased before specific dates and for travel within a particular timeframe.

Additional Considerations

While Alaska Airlines generally permits flight changes for a fee, there are certain situations where changes may not be allowed. Non-refundable tickets or those purchased through third-party sites could have restrictions on making changes. It’s crucial to verify with Alaska’s customer service whether your specific ticket type and circumstances qualify for flight modifications.

What if I need to change the date, origin, or destination of my flight?

Alaska’s change flight policy allows you to modify the date, departure city, and/or arrival city when changing your reservation. You’ll need to pay the applicable change fee plus any fare difference between the original and new routings. Changing just the date may incur a $125 fee, while an origin/destination change could have a higher $200 fee on top of increased fare costs.

Are there any restrictions on changing my Alaska flight?

Yes, there are a few key restrictions to be aware of. You cannot change your flight if you have already checked in for your originally scheduled departure. Additionally, any changes must be made to flights operated by Alaska Airlines or partners where a codeshare agreement exists. You cannot change onto flights operated by other unaffiliated carriers.

What happens to my seat assignment if I change flights?

When you change your Alaska Airlines flight, your existing seat assignment will be canceled. You’ll need to re-select your desired seat(s) for the new flight you’ve switched to during the change process. The airline recommends double-checking your new seat assignment after finalizing any flight changes.

Can I get a refund instead of changing my flight?

Whether you’re eligible for a refund instead of changing your Alaska Airlines flight depends on the type of ticket you purchased and the reason for the change/cancellation. Generally, only fully refundable fares qualify for a refund beyond the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period. Most non-refundable tickets would receive a credit for future travel minus cancellation fees. Check your fare rules or contact Alaska for details on your ticket’s refundability.

How do I change or cancel a flight for someone else?

If you need to change or cancel an Alaska Airlines flight for another passenger traveling in your reservation, you’ll need to access their record directly by entering their specifics (name, record locator, etc). The airline’s policy states that you must have the appropriate authorization as the person who booked the itinerary or is listed as an authorized travel arranger on the reservation. Children under 18 require a parent/guardian to modify their flights.

Changing an Alaska flight often involves paying a change fee, adhering to requirements like making changes before check-in, and only switching to Alaska-operated flights or codeshare partners. To ensure a smooth process, contact Alaska’s customer service hotline at +1 (800) 654-5669 or +1-866-609-1576. for over-the-air reservations or +1-800-252-7522 for general reservations. Their agents can provide definitive guidance tailored to your ticket’s rules and travel needs when changing your Alaska Airlines flight.


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