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Flightaura.com has only one individual aim, and that is to provide a seamless travel experience at cheap airfares to all kinds of travelers. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the following-

  • In case your payment stocks are due to any technical issue during bookings.
  • For any complaints related to baggage delays, flight delays, cancelation, or more.
  • Processing the refund or claims.
  • Any other claims related to your losses related to baggage loss, delays, or you encounter any other travel accidents.
  • Additional charges to your total booking fare.

Suppose there is a flight delay, lost luggage at the airport, flight cancellation, etc. If you need a refund, we can only provide you with suggestions or assistance regarding this. However, you will need to visit or contact the airline you booked with. In any case, we do not whip up the provision of false information. Additionally, we strive to keep our data accurate and up-to-date by providing timely updates on the website.

However, we do our best and update the details and content on our website as soon as we get to know any new updates. But as a third-party OTA, we never guarantee 100% accuracy of all details and information displayed on our website. Because we are not affiliated with any airline or its services. However, if you don’t manage to connect with a live airline agent, you will have your reservations. Then, you can contact us directly by calling us on our official toll-free phone number.

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